SparkleWash is a locally owned, fully insured, environmentally responsible, mobile pressure washing, restoration and preservation service for commercial, fleet, industrial and residential applications. SparkleWash is the solution for a high quality, reliable, cost-effective one-time cleaning or a regular wash program.

SparkleWash employs a combination of environmentally responsible cleaning soaps, heat and low pressure water applied with state-of-the-art equipment to safely clean, restore and preserve almost any surface. You run a very high risk of causing costly and possibly permanent damage to your property by using a pressure washer that you have no experience in using and relying on water pressure alone.

SparkleWash also offers high quality coatings and sealers, available in clear and various colors, which add enhanced life and beauty to your property. SparkleWash began in 1965 and is the oldest and largest mobile pressure washing, restoration and preservation franchise in the world.


Our Environmental Commitment

“You can rest easy knowing that your site is in compliance with federal, state and local environmental regulations and that your cost is as low as possible.”

Our goal is to insure our services improve the image, enhance the value, and provide long lasting protection of your property from the effects of the environment, while we build and maintain your trust, respect and loyalty.

We are prepared to evaluate each job to insure proper methods and equipment are used for compliance. We are also available to help conduct environmental audits to determine any modifications you may need to insure compliance at your site. We own and are always adding to the inventory of specialized equipment and training needed to maintain compliance and do so in a manner to minimize any cost and inconvenience to our customers.

Using our efficient, environmentally responsible, cleaning agents, proprietary technology, and patented, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, we safely clean, restore and preserve almost any surface. Our very cost effective services are superior to those offered by competing firms.


Our staff of highly trained Service Technicians is certified in each area that we service before they are assigned to your job. Our Sales Staff and Operations Managers are charged with meeting your needs to your satisfaction. Our motto is: “Our Job Is To Make You Look Good”

We are members of the Sparkle Wash International Franchise Network established in 1965 and servicing satisfied customers worldwide.