Fleet Washing

Professional Fleet Washing is Important to Your Business

As the owner or manager of a fleet of vehicles, it’s part of your job to make sure those vehicles reflect the right image for your company. What do they say about your company? Here are some things to keep in mind when making decisions about fleet washing:

Image – Your Company’s vehicles are a traveling dvertisement. A dirty, dingy vehicle gives the public, and your customers, a negative impression of your company.

Safety – Clean vehicles reflect more light, making them more visible to other drivers. Clean windshields improve driver visibility. Motorists, law enforcement officials, and government regulators all perceive clean vehicles as being operated safely, and dirty vehicles as threatening.

Prevention – Consistent professional cleaning extends the life of vehicle body parts and paint. Complete removal of corrosive road film and atmospheric pollution prevents early eterioration. Vehicles last longer and bring higher returns when its time to replace them.

Maintenance – Professional cleaning allows easier visual inspection of hydraulic, air, and electrical components and lines. Drivers and mechanics can notice problems easier, before they result in costly down time on the road.

Attitude – Drivers with clean vehicles tend to take more pride in their work and vehicle. Mechanics are more efficient when they have clean equipment to service.

Cooperation – Employee’s notice a company’s interest in details. Clean vehicles promote pride in the workplace and a better overall company image among its own employees