Make Your Home Look New Again!

SparkleWash safely cleans and protects the many surfaces at your residence including:  stucco, vinyl, steel, painted and unpainted wood siding, brick, stone, decks, driveways, patios, pool decks, garage floors, etc. SparkleWash removes dirt, atmospheric pollution, mold, mildew, stains and moss from nearly any surface. Be sure to ask us about our high quality wood preservatives, concrete and paver sealers, color tints and mold/mildew prevention treatments.

Why power wash your home?

To maintain the appearance and value of your home, periodic SparkleWash cleaning of exterior surfaces is recommended. This may include power washing your house, deck cleaning and sealing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, patio cleaning and sealing, concrete walk and driveway cleaning. The frequency of cleaning will depend on local conditions. Cleaning can greatly slow the ravages of nature and it will definitely enhance the beauty and preserve the value and livability of your home. Application of SparkleWash Spray Wax can inexpensively increase the time between washing for some surfaces. Other protective coatings and sealers can supply longer term protection and enhanced appearance (Ask your SparkleWash representative for specifics.)

SparkleWash is a locally owned, full-time, fully insured, fully trained, professional, on-site power washing, restoration and preservation company serving residential customers since 1965.


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